Shooting Blind

Can you really work in 80mph winds on Ben Nevis? In winter? With heavy snowfall and a high avalanche forecast? Well, it seems so. Sort of. It’s been one hell of a day. Hellish. Hard. Windy. We’ve actually come looking for foul weather – the sort Scotland is famous for – but it’s been a […]

The Chicken’s Fallen Over…

There’s a joke here that when the wind stops blowing, Patagonian chickens fall over. And it might be true, if there were any chickens in Patagonia. As far as I can tell you’d need to either be a condor or a sparrow to survive in these parts – either big enough to ride the gale, […]

The Rise and Fall of Frustration

Every mountain range has it’s quirks that only familiarity can overcome. And today, we’re back down having become slightly more familiar with Patagonia, and slightly more frustrated. But it mean’s we’re better prepared for next time. It was, as always, the weather that started it. Throughout the week we’d been watching the three day window […]

The Capricious God of Windguru.

Our lives here are ruled by a new entity – a website called Windguru. Every morning we bow down before the Mac in worship, hoping – no, praying – for retribution. We log on, we click the refresh button and, if the almighty is pleased with us and the internet connection is not too sclerotic, […]

New Routes and First Ascents

The alarm went off at 4am and I looked out of the cave to see stars. There was hardly any wind. We were going climbing after all. I felt the funny mix of the alpine start – the contrary pulls of adrenaline and exhaustion – and shoveled cold, watery oats into a body that was […]

Run For the Hills!

Bed is a wonderful place, and I stayed there for days. I‘d made myself ill with our little foray and didn’t have much choice but to rest, but it had been worth it. Some shots in the bag, the mountains formally introduced and a sense, now, of what we’d signed up for. Patagonia was big. […]

A Profound State of Disrepair

At 5.30am, thanks to my daughter’s pre-dawn conditioning program, I found myself wake suddenly from the deep, deep doze of the dead. Beyond the cave dawn was firing up for something spectacular across the Fitroy massif, and so before I’d time to object to myself, I was up and out. Having set up a camera […]