Big wall or bouldering? How to decide on an Alpine shoot location

Off to Geneva tomorrow for a Rab shoot with Jude Spanken, Libby Peter and Ally Swinton (of avalanche swimming fame). Lots of late snow mean our original objective is out of bounds (and will have to stay secret), so we’re trying to decide on an alternative location. Should it be the huge walls of Ratikon or the splitter cracks of Valle de Orco? Should we spend a couple of days trying a 7c on this face:

Screen Shot 2013-06-20 at 13.20.17

or should we head to one of the biggest, steepest, hardest and scariest walls in Europe:

As always it’ll be the weather that makes the final decision for us, but there are other considerations. On big walls we’d have a great adventure story but shooting would be restricted by the need to keep climbing. Cragging in Orco, however, would allow a wider range of images but a less adventurous tale.

Difficult choice. We’ll know more tomorrow evening…


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