Why is it always like this?

What is it about big shoots that creates such chaos? Is it the amount of kit that needs packing and sorting? Organising a selection of busy, disparate and invariably strong willed characters into something resembling a climbing trip? Or is the mess in my office simply an external expression of the stress that weather forecasts always create?

The only thing I know is that by this evening, I’ll be in a camper van heading for Scotland with uber-climbers Tom Randall and Callum Musket. It’s to be a five day anarchy trip across the Highlands: part two of the Rab Rock Tour where we’re on a mission to climb as many hideously hard lines as possible, shoot a range of new kit, make a video, get bitten by midges, drive too many miles, have too little sleep… and hopefully have a good time. But right now the forecast is far from perfect, I’m surrounded by random socks and lenses and ropes and feeling a long way from that moment when the trip finally comes together. But it will.

Meanwhile, I’ve just updated the website with some of the imagery from February’s shoot in the Arctic circle. Now that feels like a long way back!



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